Hello! Glad You Are Here. I'm

Douglas Nimoh

Online Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant

& Personal Development Coach

I Help People Tranform Their Lives By Leveraging The Power Of The Internet


I am a proud Dad of seven and married to my beautiful German wife Manuela with whom I also share the same birthday on the 19th of November.


I am passionate about Personal Development and helping individuals and businesses leverage the power of the internet to transform their lives and businesses.


As my  family was growing I made a decision in 2006 to build my business around my family by leveraging the power of the internet to work from home. Working online gives me the time freedom to work whilst still spending quality time with the family.

My Print On Demand Story...

Now we laugh about it, but it wasn’t fun back then…


Let me tell you a story only my family and friends know about...


So, I relocated on the 30th of September 2015 with my family from Luton to Stoke-on-Trent in the UK.


We had to pay 3 months’ rent and deposit in advance as my credit score had suffered at the time lol. That 3 months advance rent payment was like my month’s rent in Luton and it was a blessing in disguise. Imagine the peace of mind I had for not having to pay rent for the next three months! It felt like back in Ghana where rents are paid in advance😊


The day of our relocation was also the day that Amazon launched its Print on Demand Business called Merch by Amazon. I joined nine days later after it was launched. I was determined to make it work or else I had to look for a job which was not an option at the time as I had already turned down an Apple job offer with a German-speaking background in Ireland prior to my relocation.


I worked my new Amazon business day and night as if my life depended on it. As the rent was paid 3 months in advance, I had no pressure of paying £1000 a month like it was the case in Luton. My goal was to at least be able to get my rent money after the 3 months advance payment.


My first month in my new business I sold 4 T-Shirts and made around $25.36. Not a lot, but enough to boost my confidence. :) The first sale was the most important. That was the validation I needed that it would work. The fact that I could work from a corner of my room in Stoke -on-Trent and get someone in America to buy without me investing any money was mind-blowing lol.


The second month was 23 sales and $173.87 in income. The third month which was December got me 60 sales with $524.90 in income.


Although my new business was growing from month to month it wasn’t enough to cover my rent after the initial 3 months advance payment had expired.


The fear of having to look for a job was looming, and my wife was getting nervous which was understandable. She would bring job options into discussions and I assured her I would look for a job, but at the back of my mind, I didn’t want to look for any job. I was rather determined to break through with my new Print on Demand business. I thought that the time I would spend on job hunting and interviews would be better spent if I focused on building my new business as I was seeing progress. I felt like I was wasting my time as I checked the job sites.


I used to work at the time from my bedroom office upstairs and I would have several browser tabs opened including job sites. Each time I heard my wife coming up I would pretend I was searching for jobs and would quickly switch from my Merch by Amazon account to the job sites and pretend as if I was seriously looking for jobs lol. As soon as my wife leaves the bedroom, I would go back to work lol.


You know the best part? Most of the times what we worry about don’t happen…


At the end of the three-month rent payment, my landlord and the estate agent had a dispute. Each party wanted to have the rent. A friend advised us to hold on till they sort out things out before transferring any money. I said to myself this could only be a miracle!


This gave me some extra time to work even harder on my business.


Thank God my steely determination and persistence paid off eventually.


My Print on Demand business started to pay the rent and the bills.


I told my wife later and we both laughed about it, but it wasn’t fun back then.


Things have not been the same since.


The photo of me on stage at the top reminds me of this journey.  I was recently even invited to speak at a Print on Demand conference in January 2019 in Manchester.


Oh, I wanted to tell a quick story lol. Let me leave it here as I can talk about Print on Demand and my journey the whole day😊


Let me leave you with this quote from Frank Lloyd Wright:

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.


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Leverage The Power Of Marketing Funnels 

I Help Small Businesses And Recording Artists Grow Their Businesses And Music Careers Using Marketing Funnels


Be transformed by the renewing of your mind - Romans 12:2


Your mind is the most powerful thing in the universe after God - Dr Caroline Leaf, Neuroscientist.


At the end of our second day coaching training at the Coaching Academy in 2009 in the UK, Romans 12:2 was projected on the screen. Although I was familiar with this scripture from the Bible and church, I saw it in a new light. 

On a train journey to Wales in 2014, I had an "encounter" with the mind that changed everything. Since then I've been obsessed with Romans 12:2 and the study of the mind and how to renew it to produce transformation.

Watch this space for more information.



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